Gun Brewery

Having discovered a natural spring on Toby’s organic farm in the Sussex Weald, Toby and Mark did the obvious thing and decided to brew beer. We were tasked with providing a ground up identity to tell their inspiring and unique brand story.

Branding, Packaging, Digital Design, Merchandise

Gun had to be firmly rooted in the countryside and the lives and stories of country folk. The brewers simple, no-nonsense ethos is reflected in the clarity and purity of Gun’s packaging. The central motif, a traditional hobo pictogram meaning ‘Man with Gun’, combines with bold matter of fact type and punches of colour to create real impact and presence on-shelf, on-pump and on-life.

The final system is necessarily simple, clean and direct. It balances craft artisanal cues with clean lines and a bright contemporary palate to appeal to a broad market – from young explorers to craft ale afficionados.

Its success can be seen in the brand’s rapid growth across the South of England & beyond, with distribution outstripping projections, and further expansion in the pipeline.

“A good design answers the brief, works for the target audience and brings the brand to life. An outstanding one does the same, but adds an element of insight that takes it to a whole different level. This is what we get with Liquid.”

Mark Berry Founder